October 8, 2019

It is recommended that we take vitamin C when we have a cold or the flu. It is also great for many diseases, as well as for our beauty. However, if your body lacks this vitamin, you can experience many health issues.


1. You easily bruise

If you are anemic and you lack vitamin C, you can bruise easily. You should consume more foods that are high in this vitamin, such as oranges, kale, and peppers so that you won’t lack vitamin C.

2. Nosebleeds

If your body lacks vitamin C, the capillaries in the nose become more sensitive and the result is nosebleeds.

3. Wounds heal slower

Our body needs to have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen through our body. They are responsible when a blood clot is formed, or when new cells grow. If you lack vitamin C, your body will struggle to produce new cells. Therefore, if you have any wounds they will heal slower.

4. Fatigue and depression

If you often feel tired or moody you may lack vitamin C. Consult your doctor if you don’t see any changes and you regularly consume vitamin C.

5. Irregular heartbeat

If your body lacks iron, you may have problems with your heart or pregnancy, or develop anemia. You need to take vitamin C because with its help iron is absorbed better in our body.

6. Swollen gums

If your body lacks vitamin C, you may notice erosion or loosening of the gums. Taking vitamin C will strengthen the barrier in your mouth that doesn’t allow bacteria getting into the gum. If you have periodontal issues, you should check if you lack this vitamin.

7. Swollen joints

If your joints are often swollen, or your muscles are weak, you may lack vitamin C. If you don’t have enough of this vitamin, your body can’t form enough collagen, and therefore your muscles and joints start to suffer.

8. Dry hair and/or nails

If you don’t have enough vitamin C you may notice your skin is becoming red, dry, wrinkly, or bumpy. Again, your skin needs collagen, which needs vitamin C so it can be produced.

9. More frequent illness

Having great immunity will help you fight off any disease. Therefore, you will need to consume more vitamin C, so you can boost your immune system.

10. Weight gain

You should know that vitamin C levels are responsible for the way our body oxidizes fat. If you notice that you’ve gained weight, or you are struggling to lose weight, you should either include more foods rich in vitamin C, or take some vitamin C supplements.


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